DL03 2021 FA W04

Assignment 3.1 Mapping time (1920x1080px)

  • Go to Wikipedia and find a quantifiable data
  • Create a time diagram based on the information
  • Be precise about numbers, and proportional representation of the quantity
  • In a clear graphics, explain what triggered a major change in numbers
  • The important question is, by mapping this instance, what are you trying to reveal?

Assignment 3.2

Site Diagram Revisions + Lists of detailed concerns

Assignment 3.3 (Trace World Cup Prediction Diagram)

  • Quantifying objects precisely
    • Scale with scale factor
  • Using Align tools and Rotation tools, create precise guides for quantities and measurements.  Lock the guides, and use them to organize information.
  • Turn off Snap to Pixel
  • Toggle Preview Mode on/off to be more precise
  1. Click here or the image below to go to our Google Drive to download the image below and the instructions.
  2. Click here for the YouTube tutorial and follow along.

Brand Video:  Premiere Pro Tutorial

Basic video editing with sound (CLICK)

Download the tutorial files here (CLICK)

  • Import visual and audio assets
  • Create a sequence
  • Use the music to guide the pacing
  • Markers
  • Adjust sound
  • Trim and arrange video clips
  • Add and edit text
  • Apply transition effects

Previous student Brand Video examples:


Charette: God of Love


  •  In class, sketch diagram following:
    • All characters
    • Story
    • Relationships
    • Events
    • Time
    • Location
    • Mood
    • Music
    • Props

Pinup: God of Love

Illustrator Pen Tool Tutorial


Shepard Fairey


Portraits by Shepard Fairey

detailed guide of creating portrait 

  • Pen, Convert Anchor Point, Direct Selection tools
  • Custom pattern swatches

You are prohibited from using the Image Trace feature.


Assignment 4.1

  • Finalize God of Love diagram using Illustrator.
  • 1920x1080p size format.
  • Post it on Miro

Assignment 4.2

  • Illustrator self portrait (Shepard Fairey)
  • Post it on Miro

Assignment 4.3

  • Read pages 17-43 of Design Is Storytelling
  • Prepare to discuss during the next class

Assignment 4.4

  • Brand Video (first draft) using Premiere Pro
  • Duration:  30 seconds.
  • Use at least four different pieces of video
  • Optional:  include still imagery
  • Use at least four deliberate edit cuts between visuals
  • Include music
  • Include text
  • Optional:  include your own narration
  • Create a YouTube account and post it there.  Put the link on Miro.