DP02 SP2021 W02

Lecture: Architect / Chair

Knoll International Tulip Eero Saarinen Chair | AmbienteDirect

Split Group Crit Session

Assignment 1.0

Think about Field Condition

Assignment 1.1

  • Collect 3 images that represent the Field condition
  • For each image, create a trace line drawing
  • Based on the line, produce an abstracted pattern drawings by understanding and extracting the essence of the pattern
  • Lay them out on 11×17″ PDF
  • Upload PDF to Miro

Assignment 1.2

  • Show me your Rhino skill.  Model 3 objects in the world.
  • Render them and upload to Miro

Chair Design

LinnaChair linna_front


Getting Started

  • Import front view image to front view
  • Import right view image to right view
  • Adjust scale (seating surface to be 16” high)
  • Adjust scale between front and side view
  • Adjust position
  • Establish Center line
  • Organize layers

Shaping arms

  • Create a pentagonal shape, symmetric
  • Move and copy the object through the upper armrest
  • Adjust scale, shape, and position
  • Record History and Loft
  • Adjust parent lines to create the right form
  • Repeat this process for front and rear legs
  • Keep the inner lines to be vertical or horizontal

Creating bridges

  • Create a hexagonal symmetric shape
  • Align them in a straight line
  • Record History and Loft
  • Create a archiving point using a layer
  • Draw a curve in the side view to trim the hole in the legs
  • Draw a straight line between holes and align hex lines
  • Loft Hex lines
  • “BlendSrf” Command to blend between holes

Seating part

  • Mirror copy the assembly to the other side
  • In the side view draw two lines with slight dip
  • Mirror copy side one
  • Record History and Loft
  • Adjust the seating surface by editing the parent lines
  • Draw a line in the front view to Trim the edge
  • “OffsetSrf” command to add thickness @0.5”


End of Class

Exercise Review of Linna Chair

Assignment 2.0 Creating a Chair

  • Go to furniture maker’s website
  • Find front/side view image or drawings
  • Build the furniture piece exactly as it is
  • Upload the 3d model on Google Drive




Assignment 2.1 3D Sketch Tile

  • Pick one from your 2d field condition sketches
  • Make the pattern into 3d
  • Create a physical sketch model at 5in x 5in x 2in
  • Post 3+ pictures on Miro