DL03 2020 FA W11 – No Class

No class, but … Progress Pinup for Assignments 10.1 and 10.2

Post drafts of your animations by Wednesday evening, 11.25, to Bluescape.  If the files are larger than 150MB (the Bluescape limit), post to our Google Drive and create links in Bluescape to the files.

Final Presentation Deliverables for ENV3/DL3:

  • 2.1 : Vicinity Diagram
  • 2.2 : 3D Site Diagram
  • 6.1 : Program & Circulation Diagram OR include program & circulation content in 10.1 Exploded Axon Animation
  • 9.1 : Dioramas
  • 10.1 : Exploded Axon Animation
  • 10.2 : Animated Concept Diagrams
  • 12.1 : Section Perspective

For your ENV3 final presentation, you will integrate diagrams from Design Lab 3 into your presentation.  Include the items listed above.

As we did at mid-term, use them to help tell your design story.  Use them to explain specific design decisions you made that respond to:

  • Site and vicinity conditions, location/locale
  • Immediate context and phenomena, forces and influences occurring on the site
  • Programmatic adjacencies, spatial narrative, transitions and thresholds