Moving Images 2021 SP

Course Description

Motion graphic is a very powerful tool for designers to communicate ideas in intuitive and dynamic way.  With advancement of digital media, the way designers communicate ideas is changing.  Traditionally, designers are used to represent projects in two dimensions, using orthogonal drawings and renderings.  Today, most of the contents are viewed on computer screen, tablets, and smartphones.  The flexibility of viewing medium allows designers use more dynamic approach to represent their ideas.

In the Environmental Motion Design class, students will learn basics of motion graphics, using Adobe After Effects, and Rhinoceros.  There are a number of different techniques involved in the production of motion package, including vector, rendered image, stroke effects, types, and so on.  The representation of design concepts in motion can be applied to various scale of projects, from furniture and fixture to interior and architecture.  The moving images are also useful to convey technical details of projects.  A structure of a building can be revealed in dynamic exploded axonometric view.  A connection detail can be zoomed in and shown in a precise way.

This class will focus on producing a few short films based on students’ current or previous projects.

OMA Santa Monica

High Line



  • 1. Spatial Concept Movies
  • 2. Video Editing
  • 3. VR / AR
  • 4. Flythuru with Unreal / Twinmotion
  • 4. Final Comprehensive Animation

Weekly Topics

W01    After Effects Conceptual 01

W02     Program Diagram Movie

W03    Site Movies / Storyboarding

W04     After Effects Conceptual 02

W05     Video Editing

W06     LAB Session

W07     Midterm

W08     Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

W09     Unreal / Twinmotion 01

W10    Unreal / Twinmotion 01

W11     Detailed Exploded Axonometric

W12     Editing & Sound

W13     LAB Session

W14     Final Review