DL03 2021 SM W11

Assignment 10.0

  • Storyboard for your concept animation
  • Concept animation for your Previous Project (30 seconds)

Assignment 10.1

Exploded Axonometric animation for your project 30 seconds max (Preferably 15)

Assignment 10.2

Storyboard for your final video (2:30 max)

Final Presentation Deliverables for ENV3/DL3:

  • Vicinity Diagram
  • 3D Site Diagram
  • Program & Circulation Diagram OR include program & circulation content in 10.1 Exploded Axon Animation
  • Operative Diagrams for Facade
  • Dioramas
  • Exploded Axon Animation
  • Animated Concept Diagrams
  • Detailed Exploded Axononometric
  • Section Perspective
  • Final video (2:30 max)

Section Perspective

Section Perspective Examples

Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis

Paul Rudolph


Download the demo files

YouTube tutorial part 1 – Rhino model prep

YouTube tutorial part 2 – Illustrator perspective grid


  • Find a good section cut using ClippingPlane
  • Set the viewport property to Two-Point Perspective
  • Adjust the lens length
  • Save as a Named View
  • Hide/delete everything not visible in the view
  • Use Section to make the section cut poche outline along your ClippingPlane
  • Clean up the poche outline using Rectangle, Trim, Fillet, Extend, Line …
  • Use PlanarSrf to create surfaces from the poche outline
  • Split the model to render
  • Add fixtures, furnishings, equipment, people – MeshOutline detailed blocks
  • Convert guest rooms to Blocks and make copies
  • Apply different color to the poche cut (Photoshop/Illustrator post-render or Rhino pre-render)

Exploded Axonometric


  • Download Slides Here
  • Roundtable discussion on drawing type
  • Perspective view vs planometric view
  • Angle to be seen

Download Demo File Here


Assignment 11.0

  • Section Perspective of the entire building cutting through
  • Show site context
  • Add a manageable level of detail in the model

Assignment 11.1

  • Detailed Exploded Axonometric of your entire building
  • Add a manageable level of detail in the model