DP03 FA2020 Week02

Assignment 1.0 Creating a Chair

  • Go to furniture maker’s website
  • Find front/side view image or drawings
  • Build the furniture piece exactly as it is
  • Upload the 3d model on Google Drive

Setting Up an Architectural Project

Twinmotion is Free Until November. Here's How it Can Supercharge Your Renderings - Architizer Journal

Building a site model from Google Maps – Building Urban Context in Twinmotion




Sketch a cool tower design within 30 Minues.  Post the sketch on Bluescape.



Assignment 2.0 Site Context

Build a site context for your project as detailed as possible.


Assignment 2.1 Tower

  • Design and build a tower in the same site location as your project.
  • Height limit 25 floors

Capture images and animations for the tower in the site context

For W03, Please download Rhino 7 WIP.  Rhino Educational license required.