DP01 SP2021 Week08

Post-Midterm Discussion

Tiny House


  • Open a new rhino file with “Inch as Unit” or “Options – Units – Inch”
  • Set Dimension to Foot-Inch Architectural (Options – Annotation – Dimensions)
  • Build 30’x20’x1′ floor plate

  • Build 15’x15’x1′ floor plate and move it up, 8′ apart from first floor plate

  • Build stairs.  Stair plates 11″x36″x2″
  • Copy stair plates with 7″ of riser height

  • Turn the stairs to get 36″ landing clearance
  • Build exterior wall with 6″ of thickness with 20′ of height using Slab Tool
  • Cut the wall for pitched ceiling (lower side 6′ below)
  • Create Roof with 6″ of thickness, 24″ of overhang on short side 12″ on long side
  • Create bathroom walls with slab tool – 5’x8′
  • Doors opening with Boolean difference 3′ wide 7′ tall
  • Create door 3’x7’x2″
  • Create door for bathroom
  • Create a window opening @ 4’x3′
  • Create window frame using slab tool 2″x2″
  • Create glass window pane @ 1-/2″
  • Create Corner window
  • Create an window by the stairs
  • Create sliding door opening @ 12’x7′
  • Change lens length from 50mm to 25mm – right click “perspective tab” – viewport properties – lens length
  • Render interior views with materials

50 objects – White Board Session

50 objects – go measure in 20 minutes

Each of you should have a measuring Tape, create sketches of objects around you, and add dimensions to the sketch.

Upload the image on this Miro

Assignment 10.0

  • Build 50 objects
  • Scale needs to be right

Week 9: Twinmotion

Twinmotion System Requirement


If your PC doesn’t meet this requirement, please contact Sylviose for remote access system.  Please have this system ready by week 9 class.