DP TAMA 2019 FA Week 04

Student Presentations

Assignment 3.0 Cardboard model

Translate your 2.5D pattern into 3D.  Create a 3D tile pattern using Rhino at 6in x 6in.

  • Render the 3D model and post the images on the website
  • Create a cardboard model using Fusion 360 and bring it to class

Zaha Hadid






W04 Zaha Heydar




Loft Exercise

Download tutorial file

Pepakura Designer

Image result for pepakura designer

Assignment 4.0 Paper fold sunshade


Base Model

  • Create 3 versions of canopies for the seating area
  • Render 3 versions and upload images to the website
  • For one canopy, make a papercraft model with Pepakura


Midterm Project

A Divider between Parallel Worlds

Construct 2 worlds that are similar or different from each other.  The world can have a contrasting ideology or slightly different culture.  Be clear about the theme about the worlds by constructing the worlds using drawing, renderings, artifacts, models, photos, and etc.  With the skills you have acquired from this class, construct a divider between the two worlds.  Consider how the divider will look from both sides.  Is it something to protect you from getting into the world or is it easy go through between them.

Assignment 4.1 Sketches for Prarell Worlds

Develop ideas and produce sketches for the midterm project