DPD 2021SM W06

Yo Sensei Design Tutorials on Youtube


Week 6a

What is a design story?

DESIGN is Storytelling by Ellen Lupton

Please buy or borrow this book this week, read it, and bring it to the class.

Hero’s Journey

The Hero's Journey: A Human Framework for Building Modern Travel Brands – Skift

Week 6b


  • Bring draft presentation with placeholders as PDF for the W7A class


Midterm Deliverables:

Slide Presentation:

  • Designer 1 sheet
  • Future design studios
  • Research and Concept
    • Why is this project relevant?
    • Who this project is for? / By whom? (business model scenario)
    • Where? (site research package)
    • Supporting research
    • Point of view / Project mission
  • Design – What is this project?
    • Conceptual diagram
    • Programmatic diagram
    • Usage scenario
    • Key Moments / user experience
    • Drawings (Plan / Section / Axo / Section Perspective)
    • Renderings

Presentation Board


A digest version of the above deliverables