DL03 2021 SM W13

Course Evaluations

Representations of Design via Digital Media

Final Presentation Deliverables for ENV3/DL3:

  • Vicinity Diagram
  • 3D Site Diagram
  • Program & Circulation Diagram OR include program & circulation content in 10.1 Exploded Axon Animation
  • Operative Diagrams for Facade
  • Dioramas
  • Exploded Axon Animation
  • Animated Concept Diagrams
  • Detailed Exploded Axononometric
  • Section Perspective
  • Final video (2:30 max)


…And One More Thing for W14

Create a diagram of your experience and the knowledge you learned in this class.  The topic and format is open.  Just surprise me.


Final PDF package + Video + Final diagram uploaded on Miro by Midnight of Saturday, Week 14