DP06 FA2020 Week12

Assignment 11.0 Studio Final Model on Rhino

Construct your Studio final model on Rhino and have it ready to be seen

Spatial Image Production

  1. Use natural light to come into the space
  2. Scale the material properly
  3. Run materials directions properly
  4. Always Pack your assets in one place
  5. Use accent lights
  6. Find spectacular compositions
  7. Capture people in desired activity / behavior
  8. No human close-ups
  9. Use the Silhouette for people
  10. Find a spectacular composition

Charette: Rendering image analysis


  • Find a rendered image from the Pinterest board
  • Sketch on the image to analyze the following:
    • Natural light
    • Artificial light
    • Shadows
    • Composition
    • Point of interest
    • Vanishing point
    • Scale figures
    • Objects / Plants
  • Post sketch on Miro board

Twinmotion Interior Rendering

Desk Crits


Assignment 12.0

Draft renderings of  Final
2+ Exterior Views
4+ Exterior Views
Post on Miro