DP TAMA 2019 FA Week 08

Student Presentation

Simple Studio


  • Open a new rhino file with “Inch as Unit” or “Options – Units – Inch”
  • Set Dimension to Foot-Inch Architectural (Options – Annotation – Dimensions)
  • Build 30’x20’x1′ floor plate

  • Build 15’x15’x1′ floor plate and move it up, 8′ apart from first floor plate

  • Build stairs.  Stair plates 11″x36″x2″
  • Copy stair plates with 7″ of riser height

  • Turn the stairs to get 36″ landing clearance
  • Build exterior wall with 6″ of thickness with 20′ of height using Slab Tool
  • Cut the wall for pitched ceiling (lower side 6′ below)
  • Create Roof with 6″ of thickness, 24″ of overhang on short side 12″ on long side
  • Create bathroom walls with slab tool – 5’x8′
  • Doors opening with Boolean difference 3′ wide 7′ tall
  • Create door 3’x7’x2″
  • Create door for bathroom
  • Create a window opening @ 4’x3′
  • Create window frame using slab tool 2″x2″
  • Create glass window pane @ 1-/2″
  • Create Corner window
  • Create an window by the stairs
  • Create sliding door opening @ 12’x7′
  • Change lens length from 50mm to 25mm – right click “perspective tab” – viewport properties – lens length
  • Render interior views with materials


Rhino – File Prep

  • Assign materials to layer
  • Use UV Editor to adjust direction of the material

  • Export Rhino file as FBX (Motion Builder)

  • Open Twinmotion and import FBX
  • WASD Navigation

  • Assign Materials
  • Insert Furniture / humans / appliances / trees

  • Create Image
  • Render

Final Direction for DP Tama and Pacific Rim

The DP Tama class will shift gears into achieving your design for Pacific Rim Project.  Think about your final output and come up with a plan with the following categories.

A. 3D Printing

Image result for 3d printing

B. CNC / Vacuum forming

Image result for cnc


Image result for vr

D Animated Rendering / Flythuru

E. Grasshopper / Parametrics

Image result for grasshopper parametrics


Assignment 8.0 Tiny House Remix

  • Remix the tiny house and create your own dream house
  • User Twinmotion to render scenes
  • Upload 4+ views to the website

Assignment 8.1 Direction Pitch

For each Pacific Rim Team, put together 5-page PDF presentation of what do you want to produce for the final for Pacific Rim Project.  Pick a category from above and come up with a plan.  Use sketches, photos, concept text, and etc to communicate your idea.