DP02 SM2021 W05

Assignment 5.0 CNC tile (Due Week 5)

  1. Create foam (20 pounds) milling model.
  2. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to Miro.

Lecture: Fluid Forms



Caixa Forum Herzog de Meuron



Rhino Subdivision Modeling Tutorial

Charette:3D model an animal as realistic as possible

Desk Crits: Assignment 5.0

  • Parallel world project sketches
  • Set up an idea for two worlds
  • What kind of divider is separating the two worlds.

Midterm Project

A Divider between Parallel Worlds

Construct 2 worlds that are similar or different from each other.  The world can have a contrasting ideology or a slightly different culture.  Be clear about the theme of the worlds by constructing the worlds using drawing, renderings, artifacts, models, photos, and etc.  With the skills you have acquired from this class, construct a divider between the two worlds.  Consider how the divider will look from both sides.  Is it something to protect you from getting into the world or is it easy to go through between them.


Midterm Review Deliverables

2-Minute Video Package

  • The backstory of the two worlds
  • Concept
  • Video of the Model
  • Digital Fabrication Models/process diagram


For Week 6

  • Parallel World design 100%
  • Production of two worlds 75%
  • Digital Fabrication model for review