RI SM2020 Week03B

Student Presentation

Design and Storytelling

Bus Stop

Design the coolest bus stop in the world.  Think about how the body can occupy the space in different configurations.  Come up with the story for the bus stop as well.


Upload 4+ views of the bus stop on your Google drive.

This is a one-week long project.  Develop a story around this bus stop.


Twinmotion (Research)

Computer specs: ENV PC Spec Guide

Remote Computer


Twinmotion Demo of rural bus stop

Desk Crits


Let’s move your Rhino File to Twinmotion.

Week 4A

Finish your bus stop design. Present the following in a PDF / Slide format

  • Inspiration
  • Site
  • Concept
  • Form language
  • In situation renderings 6+

Upload PDF in the Google Drive