DL03 2021 FA W10

Student Presentations

Assignment 9.1:
Interior Dioramas

Create three interior axonometric dioramas.

    1.  Guest Room portion
    2.  A small part of your public space such as the reception, bar, pool cabana, etc.
    3.  A location of your choice showing something different from the above two.

Choose views and spaces that can benefit from this kind of representation, spaces that are difficult to understand fully through renderings or other means.
These should all investigate the opportunities that occur at a corner condition.  Try to keep them all with the same vertical viewing angle and same scale.

Make enough progress to share and discuss in ENV3, CMC, and VC3 during your next meetings with those classes.

Pinup 1920×1080 PDF format to Miro Week 10.

01 In-Class –Movie Analysis

An analysis of Brooklyn Digital Foundry video using storyboard template.



  • Scene Breakdown
  • Analysis of each scene – What the movie is trying to communicate
  • Analysis of diagrams
  • Analysis of each flythuru scene
  • Use of scale figures
  • Music

Small group peer review (Breakout Rooms)

02 Animated Diagrams

Download slides here

Animated Axonometric Program Diagram

Eun Me Kwon


Valerie Peng


Yanan Long



Animated Concept Diagrams

Eun Me

Chelsea Cheung

Valerie Peng

03 Lab Time/Desk Crits

Watch the tutorials below and sketch out storyboards of the two video assignments.

Simple Motion Graphic Tutorial

Instead of the Mt. Mograph Motion plug-in, you can use Easy Ease.  Right-click on a keyframe, select Keyframe Assistant, then Easy Ease.

Animated Program Diagram Tutorial


Assignment 10.1:
Animated Axonometric Program Diagram

*Only introduction and Chapter 1 – Foundation (about 1 hour)

Another good After Effects introduction here

Create an exploded axonometric video of your ENV3 project.  30 seconds max.

In After Effects, use simple keyframe animations for transparency and position to explode the pieces.  Show animated circulation paths to the guest rooms and public areas.

Using Rhino and Illustrator, create 2D assets (footage) to be animated in After Effects:
Show form and space details of the public areas.  Show furniture, light fixtures, casework.
Show walls separating guestrooms (do not include details), corridors, public spaces.
Avoid having textures and imagemaps.
Include people.

Begin by quickly sketching out a storyboard of the animation.  What does the exploded diagram look like?  What are the exploded pieces?  In what sequence do you reveal those pieces?  When do you show the circulation?

Outline of steps and TUTORIAL #2 here.

Assignment 10.2:
Animated Concept Diagram

Create a short motion-graphics animation for your two Narrative and Spatial Concept Diagrams – 5.1 and 5.2.  Final is due Week 12.

Storyboard of this animation is due Week 11.

Assignment 10.3

Storyboard for your final video (2:30 max)

Links to prior student examples here


By 5pm Wednesday, 11.24:

  1. Upload drafts of Assignment 10.1 (Animated Axonometric) to YouTube and post the link on Miro.
  2. Upload storyboard for Assignment 10.2 (Animated Concept Diagram) to Miro.
  3. Upload storyboard for Assignment 10.3 (Final Video) to Miro.