MI 2021 SP W01b

Assignment 1.0

  • Present what you want to produce out of this class.
  • Show some examples of precedents
  • Tell me about your skillsets and what you want to learn
  • Upload PDF on Miro

Assignment 1.1 –Movie Analysis

Pick a video from Brooklyn Digital Foundry’s Vimeo page, and do an analysis using storyboard template.



  • Scene Breakdown
  • Analysis of each scene – What the movie is trying to communicate
  • Analysis of diagrams
  • Analysis of each flythuru scene
  • Use of scale figures
  • Music

Apple Made in California




Mt Mograph Motion 2

Setup Mt. Mograph Motion 2 for After Effects

After Effects Concept Animation

End of the class

Quick pinup for the tutorial video

Assignment 1.2

  • Storyboard for your concept animation
  • Concept animation for your Previous Project (30 seconds)