DL03 2020 FA W01


01 Course introduction


Course overview

Examples of effective use of diagrams

Previous student work

Required Materials:

Bluescape pinup space

Please watch this series of short videos for instructions on using Bluescape

Click here to go to our DL03 Bluescape space

Upload a file, make some text, comments and other objects in the “MESS AROUND HERE” area to make sure you have access.

Google Drive

We will use Bluescape this semester for pinups and crits, but will have this Google Drive available as a secondary means of transmitting materials.

Google Drive Link

File name example





04 Student Introductions

    • Hello!  Tell us your preferred name.  Did Mark mangle your name?  Tell him how to pronounce it correctly!
    • What’s something good that happened last term?  It doesn’t have to be something at ArtCenter.
    • Favorite class so far?
    • Are you outside of the L.A. area right now?
    • Are you in ENV-3 with Emil now?

05 In-class exercise – Diagram Case Studies

Break out into groups of three.  Each group will select one of the following projects and conduct internet research to collect and analyze various diagrams about the project.  Each group will then present to the class on Bluescape, and also put the info together in a single PDF to hand in Week 2.

Class discussion items:  What does each diagram represent and how does it do it?  What do you see in common with the diagrams?  How do they relate to each other?  How many types of information does a diagram contain and what is that information?

      • OMA / CCTV
      • OMA / Seattle Library
      • OMA / Casa da Musica
      • OMA / PRADA LA
      • OMA / Prada NY
      • OMA / Dee + Wyly Theatre
      • Delugan Meissl / EYE Film Institute
      • BIG / Air+port
      • BIG / ST7
      • BIG / DRY LINE
      • BIG / PHO
      • BIG / ZOO
      • BIG / NYPD

06 Pictograms


Lecture on pictogram graphics

Download Slides from here.

Category discussion

Discussion on appropriate iconography subjects.  Find a family of things that can be translated to iconographic graphics.

      • Airport Signage
      • Olympic Sports
      • Cities in a country
      • Product range of Apple
      • Your Friends

In-class exercise – Pictogram sketches

Get out your sketchbook, or just a pen and some paper, and start sketching a parent icon and 10+ child icons based on your chosen theme.

Pin up to Bluescape and we’ll discuss as a class.

Illustrator Crash Course

Assignment 1.1

Based on your in-class sketches, create 1 parent icon and 10+ child icons, using Adobe Illustrator.  Lay them out using the Web-Large Illustrator template (1920×1080 pixels).  Save your completed work as a PDF using the filenaming described above, and upload it to Bluescape.  Do not add any text unless your theme is about text — viewers should be able to understand the icons and their relationship as a family without explanation.

Important things to consider are:

  • Simplicity
  • Clarity of meaning
  • Consistency among the family members

Due Week 2.

Assignment 1.2

A Diagram of You.

Create 1 diagram of who you are.  Use the Web-Large Illustrator template (1920×1080 pixels).  Some suggestions for things to depict:

  • Friends / Social circle
  • Places you have lived / visited
  • Musical / Filmic preferences
  • Your hobbies
  • Favorite designers
  • Timeline of your life
  • Transitions of your hairstyle

Choose any number of different concepts, but include at least three examples.

Save your completed work as a PDF using the filenaming described above, and pinup to the Bluescape board.

Due Week 2.

Assignment 1.3

Compile your group diagram research into a single PDF and upload to Bluescape.

Due Week 2.


For Week 3:

Read pages 17-43 of Design Is Storytelling.