DP TAMA 2019 FA Week 03

Student Presentations

Assignment 2.0 Crown

  • Find inspiration for your own crown
  • Sketch 10+ based on your inspiration, scan the sketch and upload to website
  • 3D model your own crown, and upload 3+ images to the website

Assignment 2.1 2D / 2.5D pattern

  • Using Laser Cutter, translate the pattern into physical form
  • Produce three 6in x 6in tile with chipboard
  • Consider following:
    • Cutout pattern
    • Folding
    • Bending
    • Tessellating
    • Contouring

3D Face Scanning

Image result for bellus 3d

  • Download Bellus 3D
  • Scan your face
  • Full Head option
  • Premium Export $4.99 / 1 Day! (Today, we do this on Yo’s phone)
  • File Format .obj
  • Today, we will upload this on dropbox

Open Folder

  • In Rhino, open your crown file
  • Import .obj file

Rhino Render

  • Render and Materials Tab
  • Display Render and Materials Tab from the right
  • Setting up Materials
  • Drag and drop materials to objects or groups
  • Use Match button to match with an existing setting
  • Ground plane setting
  • Texture Mapping
  • Environment
  • Rendering

Creating 3D patterns

  • EdgeSrf method
  • Additive methodology
  • Subtractive methodology

 Slicer for Fusion 360

Free download at the following link.

Creating Cardboard models

  • Waffle Method
  • Stack
  • Others

Assignment 3.0 Cardboard model

Translate your 2.5D pattern into 3D.  Create a 3D tile pattern using Rhino at 6in x 6in.

  • Render the 3D model and post the images on the website
  • Create a cardboard model using Fusion 360 and bring it to class

Assignment 3.1 Crown update

  • Using your face as a canvas, update your crown to a more extreme level.
  • Render 3+ images using Rhino Render and upload images on the website