DP TAMA 2019 FA Week 09

Assignment 8.0 Tiny House Remix

  • Remix the tiny house and create your own dream house
  • User Twinmotion to render scenes
  • Upload 4+ views to the website

Assignment 8.1 Direction Pitch

For each Pacific Rim Team, put together 5-page PDF presentation of what do you want to produce for the final for Pacific Rim Project.  Pick a category from above and come up with a plan.  Use sketches, photos, concept text, and etc to communicate your idea.

Midterm Review insights

  • What was working
  • What was missing
  • What do you want to improve on in DP02

3D Printing Tutorial


  • How to export
  • How do you know the pricing (Volume Command)

Adidas 3D Printed Shoes

Digital Native


Waratah 3D printed Lamp

Project Egg

Project Egg


3D Printing Tutorials

Download Demo file


Desk Crits


Assignment 9.0 A Seating for 3 People

  1. Design a seating for 3 people
  2. 3D print the seating at 1/24 scale
  3. Add scale figure to the seating (lasercut people)