RI SM2020 Week06A

Presentation 3D Printed Vase

Image result for 3d printed vase

For Week 6A

A. Watch Zaha Surface Tutorial

B. Design three 3 dimensional patterns based on your field condition

C. Create variations for your chair

    • Dining
    • Lounge
    • Bar

Final Review


  • W7B Thursday, August 20
  • With Industry Professional Guests

Slide Presentation

  • Field condition sketches / Inspiration / Sketches
  • Research: Neighborhood / Demographics / Social Conditions
  • Programmatic / Organizational Diagrams
  • Exploded Axonometric Drawing
  • Concept diagram
  • 3+ Daytime Renderings
  • 3+ Nighttime Renderings

Mindmapping – Concept – Programming – Space Planning

Design Setup – Discussion

  • Site: Outdoor dining area of Homestate
  • Address: 5611 N. Figueroa St. Unit #1 Los AngelesCA 90042
  • Program / User / Usage
  • Design:
    • Pattern / Texture
    • Form

Desk Crits

Parts Axonometric Video

Download 3D model here
  • Set the view to Parallel mode
  • Copy the entire object to another layer
  • In the original layer, start separating pieces in different ways
  • Make sure direction of explosion has some rhyme and reason
  • Adjust your axonometric view and object placement to eliminate overlapping of objects
  • Make 2D, and correct lineweights


For Week 6B

First Iteration of dining pavilion design on Rhino