Design Lab 3 (ENV-204) 2021 Fall

Course Description Axo01

Diagramming is a very powerful tool to communicate design ideas to an audience. As designers, we are responsible for conveying complex ideas in a clear and effective way. Diagrams can also be used for the analysis of information. By classifying multiple layers of information into a clear and visual format, the diagram can lead to a strong driver for concept development.

In the process of drawing, we can extract meanings from collected information, and process them in a creative ways. A diagram can set up a hierarchy of information by prioritizing this data.

The most effective diagram in spatial design is an exploded isometric. To explain spatial organization, circulation, and program, different drawing methodologies can be used to map complex ideas. Depending on the intent, one can choose a planimetric, sectional, isometric, or perspectival views.

In Diagram Studio, the course will be divided into three sections. Section 1 will research and analyze data. Section2 will be concept development through diagrams. Finally, Section 3 will explore exploded isometric drawings and synthesize the entire term’s work as a series of animated diagrams. Each week, there will be a lecture session followed by class discussion on relevant precedents. Students are expected to work in studio and produce diagrams each week relating to discussed topics.