MI 2021 SP W09

Assignment 8.0 Group Work

The future video

Create a 2:00 max video of a future product

Assignment 8.1

Final Video idea.  Bring your final video idea for your previous or current project.  Describe what kind of video you want to produce for the final.

Road Map for Moving Images Class

  • W9 Twinmotion Phasing
  • W10 Form Inspiration Video
  • W11 Material communication Video
  • W12 Video Iteration
  • W13 Video Iteration
  • W14 Tuesday Final Review

Twinmotion Phasing Animation


  • Phasing Tutorial
  • Group Crit for the Future Product Video


Individual Crit for the final video plan


Assignment 9.0 Twinmotion Phasing Video

Produce a Twinmotion phasing video for your project

Assignment 9.1 Future Product Video 2nd Draft

Future Product Video is due Week 11 Tuesday