DL03 2021 SM W10

Assignment 9.1:
Interior Dioramas

Create three interior axonometric dioramas.

    1.  Guest Room portion
    2.  A small part of your public space such as the reception, bar, pool cabana, etc.
    3.  A location of your choice.

These should all investigate the opportunities that occur at a corner condition.  Try to keep them all with the same vertical viewing angle and same scale.

Pinup a single 1920×1080 PNG or JPG on Miro

In-Class –Movie Analysis

An analysis of Brooklyn Digital Foundry video using storyboard template.



  • Scene Breakdown
  • Analysis of each scene – What the movie is trying to communicate
  • Analysis of diagrams
  • Analysis of each flythuru scene
  • Use of scale figures
  • Music

Concept Animations

Japan – The Strange Country


Apple Made in California



Mt Mograph Motion 2

Setup Mt. Mograph Motion 2 for After Effects

After Effects Concept Animation

After Effects Exploded Axonometric Animation

End of the class

Quick pinup for the tutorial video

After Effects Essential Training

*Only introduction and Chapter 1 – Foundation (about 1 hour)

Assignment 10.0

  • Storyboard for your concept animation
  • Concept animation for your Previous Project (30 seconds)

Assignment 10.1

Exploded Axonometric animation for your project 30 seconds max (Preferably 15)

Assignment 10.2

Storyboard for your final video (2:30 max)