DP03 FA2020 Week09

Assignment 8.0 ENV 3 Guestroom model in Unreal Engine

  • Import ENV 3 Guestroom model in Unreal Engine
  • Setup the basic surface setting
  • Produce 4 screen captures

Assignment 8.1 Grasshopper Facade Design

  • Produce a facade design using Grasshopper

File Size Lecture

Managing File Sizes for Ebooks | QA Productions

  1. Modeling File (Master)
  2. Exterior render file
  3. Interior render file
  4. Guestroom render file
  5. Diagrams file

Unreal Engine Lighting Setup


Unreal Engine Materials

Twinmotion Site Context

Group Crits: Facade

Group Crits: Guestroom Renderings

For Week 10:

A.  Guestroom Render Draft 01

  • 4+ views of ENV 3 guestroom
  • Rendered in Unreal Engine
  • Natural and artificial lighting
  • Basic materials applied

B. Facade Design Finalized!!!!

  • 3+ views of ENV 3 facade rendered in Twinmotion
  • 30-second video collage of facade
  • People, cars, street lamps, trees, and other contexts
  • Different times of the day

C. Public Space Design Draft 01

  • Draft 3D model of your ENV 3 public space
  • Does not need to be in rendering software
  • As detailed as possible as a Rhino can be