RI SM2020 Week03A

Assignment 2.0 Trophy – PDF

  • Make up a new type of competition
  • Sketch 5+ based on your inspiration
  • 3D model your own trophy, and render 3+ images
  • Assemble all assets in a single PDF or Slides
  • Present it in the next class

Body and Space


Variable Space Making Exercise

  1. Setup the bounding box @ 16’x16’x16′
  2. Create the following spatial conditions with proper scale
    1. Sitting
    2. Eating
    3. Lounging
    4. Working
    5. Sleeping
    6. Working out
  3. Connect the spaces with stairs and ladders

Download Human Scale Figure

Bus Stop

Assigment 3.0

Design the coolest bus stop in the world.  Think about how the body can occupy the space in different configurations.  Come up with the story for the bus stop as well.


Upload 4+ views of the bus stop on your Google drive.


This is a one-week long project.  Develop a story around this bus stop.