Real Final for DP Tama 2019 FA


Pacific Rim Project Final

  • A comprehensive animation for the final space perfectly edited and packaged.
  • Real-life videos
  • Conceptual diagrams
  • Keyshot exploded views
  • Video from the final exhibition

Everything under 2:30.

Other Final elements

  • Renderings
  • Prototypes
  • Projection-Mapping


Build a storyboard for your final video


Keyshot Exploded Video


Rhino Model Preparation

Download Rhino Model

  • Remove all elements that you don’t use
  • Create a layers by materials and movable parts
  • Assign colors to layers
  • Save File


  • Open Rhino File
  • Create a new camera
  • Image Setting – Aspect Ratio to 16:9 (1280×720)
  • Assign Materials
  • From Animation Menu, select Model / Part Animation / Translate and set up movements
  • With Camera Animation, configure orbit and zoom
  • When you move camera, don’t forget to “update camera”
  • Using Animation out, mirror timeline
  • Export as MP4

Creating Titles in After Effects

Download Keyshot Movie

  • File / Import / File / Import the movie
  • Right Click the video / Create a composition
  • Split the clip to have paused footage
  • Add text Opacity animation (15 frame / 45 frams still / 15 frames out)
  • Copy the text for different ones
  • Add Music
  • Composition / Add to Adobe Media Encoder Que
  • Render and upload to vimeo

For Week 13

Entire Video 95% finished