DP03 FA2020 Week10

For Week 10:

A.  Guestroom Render Draft 01

  • 4+ views of ENV 3 guestroom
  • Rendered in Unreal Engine
  • Natural and artificial lighting
  • Basic materials applied

B. Facade Design Finalized

  • 3+ views of ENV 3 facade rendered in Twinmotion
  • 30-second video collage of facade
  • People, cars, street lamps, trees, and other contexts
  • Different times of the day

C. Public Space Design Draft 01

  • Draft 3D model of your ENV 3 public space
  • Does not need to be in rendering software
  • As detailed as possible as a Rhino can be




Materials In-Depth Tutorial

Group Crits: Guestroom / Public Space


Assignment 10.0

Assignment 10.1

Public space model updated based on desk crit