DL03 2020 FA W05

Student Presentations

Assignment 4.1

Mapping time (2160×1920 color PDF)

  • Go to Statista or any other statistical information source and find quantifiable, time-based data for a specific company.
  • Find 3-5 datasets that are related by time.
  • Create a time diagram based on the information.  Do not copy and paste diagrams that you find.  Translate the data into your own graphics.
  • Synthesize the data – put them together into a single, cohesive large-format graphic that clearly reveals relationships and correlations between the datasets.
  • The graphic should explain what triggered major changes in numbers – milestone events.
  • Hypothetical example for Apple, Inc.:
    • Dataset 1 = Timeline of annual revenue
    • Dataset 2 = Timeline of product introductions
    • Overlay the data to show that the introductions of the iPod and iPad correlated with spikes in revenue.
  • Be precise about numbers and use proportional representation of quantities.
  • The important question is:  by mapping this instance, what are you trying to reveal?

Assignment 4.2

Tracing Diagram  (1920×1080 color PDF)

If you have not made much progress tracing the World Cup Prediction, complete that for Assignment 4.2.

If you were able to complete the World Cup Prediction tracing, choose a new,  appropriate (meaning approved by the instructor) graphic, and trace it in Adobe Illustrator exactly the same way.  Some sources:


Upload your 1920×1080 color PDF to the class Google Drive along with a screen capture/download of the original graphic.

Assignments 2.1 & 2.2 development

Continue progress on the Site Diagrams (2D Locating and 3D Analytical)

01 Charette: God of Love

Watch2Gether as a class by clicking here.


  •  In class, sketch a diagram that includes:
    • All characters
    • Story
    • Events
    • Time
    • Locations / settings
    • Mood
    • Music
    • Props
  • Pay special attention to graphically depicting RELATIONSHIPS and CONNECTIONS.
    How would you show relationships between characters and non-human items?

Progress Pinup: God of Love

02 Program & Circulation


Programmatic Diagram Past Examples

Other examples:

03 In-Class Sketch Exercise (45 minutes) + Pinup

Sketch out a program & circulation diagram for your ENV-3 project.  Feel free to use hand sketching or the computer.  Below is an example Illustrator file of a Rhino export — similar to what we have done with the 3D Analytical Site Diagram.

Illustrator File

Notice how the individual program elements are separated into individual layers.

04 Desk Crits

Sign up on Bluescape under Week 5.

Have these things ready to talk about:

    • ENV3 project, either on the ENV3 Bluescape or sharing from your computer
    • Assignments 2.1 & 2.2
    • Assignments 3.1 & 3.2
    • Assignment 4.1

Assignment 5.1:
Program & Circulation Diagram

Continue working on the Programmatic Diagram in Rhino and Illustrator.

Progress pinup Week 6 on Bluescape

Final due on Mid-Term Presentation Week 7.

Assignment 5.2:
Finalize God of Love diagram using Illustrator.

  • Create a 2160×1920 color PDF and pinup on Bluescape for Week 6.