DP02 SP2021 W03

Assignment 2.0 Creating a Chair

  • Go to furniture maker’s website
  • Find front/side view image or drawings
  • Build the furniture piece exactly as it is
  • Upload the 3d model on Miro




Assignment 2.1 3D Sketch Tile

  • Pick one from your 2d field condition sketches
  • Make the pattern into 3d
  • Create a physical sketch model at 5in x 5in x 2in
  • Post 3+ pictures on Miro


CNC Milling

Snohetta / Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion



CNC Tile Lecture

Zaha Hadid CNC milled counter


3D Tile Tutorial

3D Lab Instruction


CNC File Prep

Assignment 5.0 CNC tile (Due Week 5)

  1. Create foam (20 pounds) milling model.
  2. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to Miro.