DP02 SM2021 W01

Overview of Class Outline and Syllabus

DP02 class concept slide

Self Re-Introductions


  • Download Slack App on your phone
  • type your email address on the chat field
  • I’ll send you an invite
  • activate the account

Rhinoceros Hidden Features

  • Viewport navigation
    • closer zoom controls
  • Shaded modes
    • quick switch between views
  • Select objects
    • Multi deselect
    • select by object type
    • Selection filter
  • Move objects
    • Gumball move with numbers
  • Copy objects
    • Tween Curve
  • Undo a mistake
    • Traveling back in time
  • Rotate objects
    • Rotate 3D command
  • Scale Objects
    • Scale 1D / 2D / 3D
  • Mirror
  • Extrude a curve to make a surface
    • Extrude with holes
  • Revolve a curve around an axis
    • Rail Revolve
  • Loft a surface through curves
  • Sweep a curve along a single rail curve
  • Tool Help

Field Condition Lecture

Download lecture PDF here


Assignment 1.0

Think about Field Condition

Assignment 1.1

  • Collect 3 images that represent the Field condition
  • For each image, create a trace line drawing
  • Based on the line, produce an abstracted pattern drawings by understanding and extracting the essence of the pattern
  • Lay them out on 11×17″ PDF
  • Upload PDF to Miro

Assignment 1.2

  • Show me your Rhino skill.  Model 3 objects in the world.
  • Render them and upload to Miro