DP02 SM2021 W13

Due Dates:


  • Animation Second Draft
  • Digital fabrication model final / submission due
  • Draft facade diagrams and drawings

Course Evaluation

Digital Process 2 Final Deliverables

A: ENV 2 Final Animation (Youtube Link)

Final Animation Examples

  • A 60-Second animation for your ENV2 Project
  • Site context fully built
  • Daytime and nighttime scenes
  • Stable camera movement with camera at eye level
  • Materials and lighting properly set up
  • It will not look like a cheap video game
  • Music
  • Upload video on Youtube or Vimeo

B: ENV 2 Project Facade / Canopy (PDF)

  • A digital fabrication (CNC or 3D Print) Model of facade @ 1/4″ = 1′-0″ (1:48)
  • Form inspiration diagram
  • Design Story
  • Process sketches / study models
  • Exploded axonometric
  • Detail drawings
  • Effect diagram
  • Renderings

C: Best 5 Images from DP02 Class

Final Asset Submit Location

Final assets need to be submitted to Miro by Midnight of Saturday, Week 14 PST.  No exceptions.