RI SM2019 Week01A

1 Overview of Class Outline and Syllabus

For each week, we would like each student to present he / her project from before using the projector.  Please bring PDF presentation.  A presentation should be about 7 minutes.

2 Website

  • Go to www.accdenv.com

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.16.38 AM


  • Register for the website
  • Yo will change your status from subscriber to Editor
  • Log into the site
  • Create new “page”, not “post”
  • Page title: Yo Oshima RI
  • Page parent: IR SM 2018 Student Works
  • Post a picture you like

4 Rhinoceros – Getting Started

Download sample file


  • Viewport navigation
  • Shaded modes
  • Select objects
  • Move objects by dragging
  • Copy objects
  • Undo a mistake
  • Move Objects Vertically
  • Rotate objects
  • Scale Objects
  • Mirror

5 Rhinoceros – Start Modeling

  • Extrude a curve to make a surface
  • Revolve a curve around an axis
  • Loft a surface through curves
  • Sweep a curve along a single rail curve

6 Everyday Object Discussion


Assignment 1.0

Revisit in-class tutorial model, and try all the command.

Assignment 1.1

Create 5 objects around you.

Capture 5 views and upload them on your page on the website.

Week 01b No Class in observance of 4th of July.

Week 02

2 Self Introductions

3  Student Presentation assignments