DL03 2020 SM W06

Student Presentations

Assignment 5.0

Narrative concept diagram (1920×1080 color) of your ENV-3 project

Apply the tools from Design is Storytelling, what we did for the Lego House exercise, and the examples shown in class to your ENV-3 project.  This should be about communicating your concept for the experience.

Upload a 1920×1080 color PDF to the class Google Drive.

Assignment 5.1

Spatial concept diagram of your ENV-3 project

Create a simple, cohesive diagram or small set of diagrams to describe the spatial aspects of your ENV-3 project.  How can the tools from Design is Storytelling be applied for this purpose?

Upload a 1920×1080 color PDF to the class Google Drive.

Assignment 5.2

Tracing of a diagram from this pinterest page

Upload a 1920×1080 color PDF to the class Google Drive.

Here’s a YouTube tutorial on using the Illustrator pen tool



Lecture on program + circulation diagram


Programmatic Diagram Past Examples

Other examples:

Assignment 6.0 — Programmatic Diagram

Sketch Exercise (45 minutes) + Pinup

Sketch out a programmatic diagram for your ENV-3 project.  Feel free to use hand sketching or the computer.  Below is an example Illustrator file of a Rhino export — similar to what we have done with the 3D Analytical Site Diagram.

Illustrator File


Presentation Design


Download slides here

    1. Flow of information
    2. Hierarchy
    3. Alignment and spacing
    4. Design element to drive layout
    5. Plan / Section rules – poche
    6. Graphic language
    7. Design Story – narrative tools

It’s worth another look at how Bjarke Ingels Group presents their work.  As you look at the images and videos, see how they use the ideas that we have discussed so far.


If you were the director of the 8-House video, what would your storyboard look like?  Think of that possible storyboard as a model for your own mid-term presentation.

Midterm Deliverables for ENV3

For your midterm review, you will integrate diagrams from Design Lab 3 into your presentation.  You must include:

    1. 2D Locating Site Diagram
    2. 3D Analytical Site Diagram
    3. Narrative Conceptual Diagram
    4. Spatial Conceptual Diagram
    5. Programmatic Diagram

DO NOT simply include them in the presentation just to have them.  You are REQUIRED to use them to help explain your project visually and also expected to be able to talk about them themselves.  Use them where you need them to work with the flow how you present your project; DO NOT just lump them all together in the same place in your presentation.  Make these a part of the story of your project.

Some ways you can use them:

    • To help explain your thought process and your analysis of the site, program, space, form, massing, etc.  Use the diagrams to show how you discovered certain things that were there to begin with.
    • To help explain your design process and thinking.  Use the diagrams to show how your concept began and developed.  Use them to show how you generated the proposed spatial ideas.
    • Think about the narrative arc of your presentation — what are the peaks and valleys of your story, who is the hero and what is the journey?  Which diagram goes where to help tell a specific part of it?  Remember the power of the Rule of Threes as an organizing principle for your presentation.


Due Week 8:  Assignment 6.1 — Movie Diagram


The class will divide up into teams of three (one team with four).  Each team will get one of the following movies and together create a narrative diagram of it.

  • Inception
  • The Hangover
  • Pulp Fiction
  • City of God
  • Die Hard
  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • The Big Lebowski

Watch the movie together as a team.  Together, brainstorm, sketch out, and decide what information to include in the diagram and how the diagram should look.  Divide up the workload and tasks between the team members.  For example, if there are three parts to the diagram, each team member can work on creating one part.  Or one person can be the art director, one person can create the graphic language, and one person can be the production artist.

Upload a 2160×1920 color PDF to the Google Drive.