DP02 SP 2018 W11

Assignment 10.1 Table Lamp Sketches + Sketch Models

Draw a lot of table lamp sketches.  Based on a promising idea, build a physical model.  We will discuss constructability of the lamp in the following week.


Assignment 10.1 Parts prototype for the light

Design a new process of digital fabrication by mixing more than 2 methodologies.  The size of the model is approximately 6 – 10 inch square cube, depending on the methodology.  This will be a prototype for your final lighting model.




Final Deliverable for DP02

Final Working Prototypes

  • Final Lamp Model

Process Models

Boards – Two 11×17″

  1. Detail renderings
  2. Cross-Section drawing
  3. Concept statement
  4. Exploded axonometric
  5. Detail drawing
  6. Digital fabrication process diagrams

2. Parts Axonometric Exercise


Parts Axo Slide

Pixar Lamp Exercise

  • Download 3D model here
  • Set the view to Parallel mode
  • Copy the entire object to another layer
  • In the original layer, start separating pieces in different ways
  • Make sure direction of explosion has some rhyme and reason
  • Adjust your axonometric view and object placement to eliminate overlapping of objects
  • Make 2D, and correct lineweights

For Week12

Bring the final design 1 of the light and drawings

Final Review for DP2

Wednesday, Week 13 @ 10am

Place to be decided