DP01 FA2019 Week03

Assignment 2.0 Crown

  • Find inspiration for your own crown
  • Sketch 10+ based on your inspiration, scan the sketch and upload to website
  • 3D model your own crown, and upload 3+ images to the website

Assignment 2.1 Everyday Objects

  • Model 3 everyday objects based on knowledge you learned in the class today.
  • Upload images to the website

Star Wood Hotel / Frank Gehry

Review of Week02 Assignment

3D Face Scanning

Image result for bellus 3d

  • Download Bellus 3D
  • Scan your face
  • Full Head option
  • Premium Export $4.99 / 1 Day! (Today, we do this on Yo’s phone)
  • File Format .obj
  • Today, we will upload this on dropbox

Open Folder

Download Crown File Here

  • In Rhino, open your crown file
  • Import .obj file

Rhino Render

  • Render and Materials Tab
  • Display Render and Materials Tab from the right
  • Setting up Materials
  • Drag and drop materials to objects or groups
  • Use Match button to match with an existing setting
  • Ground plane setting
  • Texture Mapping
  • Environment
  • Rendering

Boolean Exercise

Download File here

  • Open W03_BooleanExercise.3dm

Loft Loft Loft!

Download File here for loft

  1. Open “W03_LoftExercise”
    1. 01 Loft 01
    2. 02 Vertical Loft
    3. 03 Loft With Solid
    4. 04 Sweep

Frank Gehry Lecture

download slide

  • 10 Gehry Srf
  • 11 Gehry Structure
  • 12 Gehry Block

Assignment 3.0

  • Visit Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown LA
  • http://www.musiccenter.org/visit/Exploring-the-Center/Tours/
  • Try
  • Take Photos and upload to the site

Assignment 3.1

  • Create 5 volumes using 3D box tool.
  • Arrange them in a dynamic way.
  • Use Boolean command to create interior space
  • Create facade elements with 3D tiles.
  • Wrap the blocks with at least 20 Gehry style skin.

Assignment 3.2

Upload some images of your crown with you face