DL03 2019 SM W09

Student Presentation

Assignment 9.0

Operative diagram for your facade design, 11×17″ Printed

Final for DL03 Completely Edited Animation

ENV Moving Images Midterm

ENV Moving Images Final

Storyboarding a Concept animation


  • Overall story
  • Design elements
  • Scenes
  • Motion
  • Transitions
  • Mood
  • Music

Let’s shoot!

Image result for contrast

Within 30 minutes, go and shoot 10 cool short videos (5 to 10 seconds each) about “Contrast”.

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere

  • Interface basics
  • Importing footage
  • Understand music and add markers/show waveform
  • Title and background blurring effect
  • Cutting Video to beats
  • Color correction with “Color Workspace” and “Basic Correction/Creative”

Color Corrections


Assignment 10.0 –  Storyboard

Create a storyboard for your own project scene by scene.

Printed / drawn on 11×17″ sheet.

Assignment 1.1

Finish your 30-second movie about “Contrast”