DPD 2020FA W12

Design Final


  1. Rhino / Twinmotion / Unreal Engine Loaded on your laptop
  2. Share Screen on Zoom17
  3. Present your space as in your narrative for spatial experience
    1. Overall View (Explain overall programmatic distribution)
    2. Arrival/facade
    3. Entry Lobby
    4. Main Space (Lounge, Living Room, Store main section)
    5. Sub Spaces
    6. Indoor / Outdoor
    7. Sub Spaces
  4. 10 to 20 Key Moments

Final Presentation Strategies:

  • Slide Presentation / Entirely Video Presentation
  • Fly-Through Video (shared by Yo or let it run on the user-side)
  • Final Screen (board all information displayed)
  • Quick access to contents

Final Deliverables



Twinmotion Animation

For Week 13:

Final Slides laid out as multiple pages on Miro