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DPD 2019SM W04

Assignments for W4

Site research package

  • -Scaled site plan with dimensions and area calculation
  • -Socio-cultural research, including demographics, history, neighborhood feel, and etc
  • -Site analysis, including sun study, traffic, views, and other information

Initial Space Planning

Produce 5 schemes of initial space planning.

  • Site condition
  • Circulation
  • Relationships between programs



Ideations Large Scale

5-10 models

Using the site model as a base, build a series of models which represents big design ideas. Find a quick methodology and material to make many iterations.



4:30pm Gate 1 Review

This class has a series of gated reviews. If you don’t present deliverables, you will not be proceeding to the next steps. A 7-minute presentation pitch. Present your current state of the project. Try to think this as an elevator pitch. Get your audience excited and engaged.

  • -Designer 1 Sheet
  • -Design Firm Research
  • -Design Story
  • -Visual Project Definition
  • Initial Ideations


DPD W05 Space Planning

Image result for space planning architecture



Space type and Size
typical room sizes in a house
programming for a hotel


Desk Crits


Week 4.5 Gate 1 Notes Summary

Upload the Conversation Summary on Slack by Wednesday


Week 5


Programmatic Diagram / Plan drawings

3 schemes

PDF to share next week

Based on in-class charette, pick 3 programmatic ideas from the list, and develop them further. This time, you need to have a clear sense of the site.


Site Model

 Scale may vary

For Interiors:  Build a building envelope with windows doors and floors

For Architectural:  Site model.


Design Iteration 1


Based on your programmatic diagram, develop an interior or architectural model of your project.