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RI SM2019 Week03B

Assigment 3.0

Design the coolest bus stop in the world.  Think about how the body can occupy the space in different configurations.  Come up with the story for the bus stop as well.

Zaha Hadid







Loft Exercise

Download tutorial file

Rhino Render

Download Demo File

  • Render and Materials Tab
  • Display Render and Materials Tab from the right
  • Setting up Materials
  • Drag and drop materials to objects or groups
  • Use Match button to match with an existing setting
  • Ground plane setting
  • Texture Mapping
  • Environment
  • Rendering

Assignment 3.1

Finish your bus stop design.  Render using Rhino Render and upload 4+ views on the website.  Additionally, post your inspirations, sketches, and concept text.