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RI SM2019 Week03A

Assignment 2.0 Trophy

  • Make up a new type of competition
  • Sketch 5+ based on your inspiration, scan the sketch and upload to website
  • 3D model your own trophy, and upload 3+ images to the website

Body Occupy Space Tutorial

Download Human Scale Figure



LAB Session – Bus Stop

Create a 16x8x16′ Bus stop which allows different ways of use for the body.

  • Sitting
  • Lounging
  • Working
  • Sleeping
  • Working out


Bus Stop

Assigment 3.0

Design the coolest bus stop in the world.  Think about how the body can occupy the space in different configurations.  Come up with the story for the bus stop as well.


Upload 4+ views of the bus stop on your web page.


This is a one-week long project.  Develop a story around this bus stop.