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Moving Images 2016 FA W10

Assignment Review

Assignment 9.0

60-second Lumion test animation with people in it.

Assignment 9.1

Storyboard for walkthrough animation


Lumion Layers

  • Select objects by going to object mode (tree / imported materials / etc)
  • Control + Shift + drag to select
  • Double-click Layer
  • Rename layer
  • Press arrow key to change object layers
  • put people and trees into different layer

Lumion Clipping Planes

  • Create clipping plane onto the same layer
  • Create simple camera movement animation
  • From effects menu, select “advanced move”
  • keyframe movement of clipping plane in plan

In after effects

Pause in the middle of video to add captions.

Lab Session

Assignment 13

Final movie draft 01

Assignment 13.1

Lumion plan and section cut scene