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RI SM2018 Week03B

Assigment 3.0

Design the coolest bus stop in the world.  Think about how the body can occupy the space in different configurations.  Come up with the story for the bus stop as well.


Upload 4+ views of the bus stop on your web page.


A Workflow of Keyshot

Prepare Rhino Model → Open on Keyshot → Material Setup → Lighting → Background → Render


Download Sample File


Preparing Rhino Model

  • Open and remove things that are not used (Export Selected)
  • Create Layers for each material and assign objects
  • Save

Opening file in Keyshot

  • Open the file
  • When you are updating your file, you can go “Import – Update model” to keep the same setting in Keyshot

Material Setup

  • From the left column, select a material, and drag and drop to a layer
  • Double-clicking the material will let you change color and scale
  • Keyshot Cloud has a bigger library on the web

Setting up the camera

  • Create a new camera and setup a view

Lighting setup

  • Select a light from a preset
  • HDRI lighting is available

Background setting

  • Background is available in the background setting
  • You can use your own photos


  • Setup a rendering, and save the view as jpg

Assignment 3.1 Render all

Render all previous models in Keyshot, and upload images on the website