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DP01 SP2019 Week11

Assignment 10.0

Build 50 objects render in groups of 10

Keep it simple.  Massing is just fine

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 4.0 and Archviz

Open Epic Games Launcher

  • Sign up for a new account
  • Login, Logout, and Relaunch

  • Go to Unreal Studio and sign up for Unreal Studio
  • Go back to Unreal Engine, log out, close program, and login again.
  • Make sure Unreal Studio Beta is ACTIVE.

  • Launch Unreal Engine 4.20.3
  • Go to “Marketplace” and search “xoio”
  • Download Xoio Berlin Flat
  • In “Library” Inside of “Vault” “Create Project”

Project Location for Unreal Engine

  • All of your file needs to be in the same location.
  • Saving at student server is a very good idea (so that you can access from any pc in school).

  • Interface Basics
  • Navigation
  • Move Speed
  • Immersive Mode
  • High Resolution Screen Shot
  • Press “g” key to hide interface
  • Take Some other screenshots

  • Practice the same process with the “Zen Garden”
  • Navigate through the scene and capture 5 images.

Standard Material Folder

  • Under /3dStudents/00_Oshima_DP01
  • Download “materials_env” folder
  • Extract folder to your own computer

Migrating Folder to your Master Project

  • Right Click “Content” on your content browser and “Migrate” your file to your master Project file

Importing Rhino file to Unreal

Download Rhino Demo File

  • Rhino File needs to be organized into Layers
  • Launch New Unreal Studio Project “Blank”
  • Top Menu “Import Datasmith” / “Import CAD”

  • Read World Outliner
  • Read Content Browser
  • Content Browser / Add New / Add Feature or Content Pack / Content Pack / Starter Content
  • *If the contents are not loading, do this step (This is a program bug)
  • Save Level
  • Save Project
  • Close Project

  • Delete This file.
  • Relaunch Program

Assignment 11.0

Watch these 2 videos

Assignment 11.1 Tiny House Remix

A major remodeling of your tiny house.  Put your 50 objects inside of the house


Assignment 11.2

Render Following Tiny House Remix using Unreal Studio