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DP01 FA2017 Week12

Assignment 11.0 Tiny House

Finish the tiny house with some remix.  Add more windows, patio, balcony, and etc.  It is ok to change the building drastically.  Put in your 50 objects in the tiny house.

Assignment 11.1 Tiny House VR

Render 2 VR views for your tiny house, and upload to youtube.  We will see your VR on W11 class.

3 Fluid Space Exercise

  1. Draw a 3D box (X=20′, Y=40′, Z=20′)
  2. Create fluid negative volumes with Loft + History
  3. BooleanDifference internal volume
  4. Contour tool to draw sections at 12″ apart
  5. Extrude the contour lines at 12″ with solid option on
  6. Adjust T-Splines to add stairs

Assignment 12.0

Build your current ENV1 model in Rhino.

Bring sketch model to the class.

Assignment 12.1

Finish your in class model, and render for VR.  For each finish, create 2 VR views, and upload it to the website.