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DP01 FA2017 Week05

Assignment 4.0

  • Render all of your previous models, and upload images on the site

Assignment 4.1 Biomorphic Tent

Download Human Scale Figure

Using the technique of Zaha Hadid you have learned in the class, design a tent.  The design of the tent should reflect the organic and biomorphic aspect of Zaha’s design.

Here are several notions to consider:

  • Structure vs surface – integrated or separated
  • Overall smoothness and flow
  • Materiality
  • Opening created by the movement of the form

In Situation Renderings

  • Wallpaper Command
  • Rendering with no background
  • Compositing in Photoshop
  • Adding some shadows

Resolution and pixels

So, we are making a pavilion for our midterm


See slides here

Canopy size: 16’x16’x12′

Location: Grass Area outside of cafeteria


Mindmapping – Concept – Programming – Space Planning

Graphic Standards

Cage Edit Demo

Project Command

Design Setup – Discussion

  • Site:Grass Area outside of cafeteria
  • Canopy size: 16’x16’x12′
  • Program / User / Usage
  • Design:
    • Pattern / Texture
    • Form

Charette / Desk Crit

Week 6

The canopy is 3-week project.  Please bring following for the next week.

User Observation diagram

Program Analysis Diagram

Design sketches on pattern / texture / form

Progress Rhino Model