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DL03 2018 FA W06

Assignment 5.0

  • Narrative concept diagram (11×17″ color)

Assignment 5.1

Spatial concept diagram (11×17″ color)

Assignment 5.2

Tracing of a diagram from this pinterest page



Lecture on program + circulation diagram


Programmatic Diagram Past Examples

Sketch Exercise (45 minutes) + Pinup

Illustrator File


Presentation Board Design


Download slides here

  1. Flow of information
  2. Hierarchy
  3. Alignment and spacing
  4. Design element to drive layout
  5. Plan / Section rules
  6. Graphic language

Programmatic Diagram Past Examples

Assignment 6.0

Program diagram for your ENV 3 project.  Print on 11×17″ color, and bring it to class.

Assignment 6.1

Revised concept diagrams

Assignment 6.2

Presentation boards draft.

Print your presentation draft at reduced scale (11×17 tiles)

Midterm Deliverables for ENV3

Integrate diagrams from this class in presentation

  • Site diagrams
  • Conceptual diagram (narrative / spatial)
  • Programmatic diagram