Moving Images 2019 SP W10

Assignment 9.0

Render animation using Lumion for the exterior of your project.  Create an urban condition around the project and place urban elements.

60-second animation rendered and uploaded on Vimeo.

Assignment 9.1

Extremely detailed storyboards of your final movies

After Effects Concept Animation

Download Tutorial Package Here

Illustrator file needs to be made into layers for each part (organize your file really well)

Import AI file as a COMPOSITION!

  • AE Track mask movement
  • Moving objects
  • Mass producing
  • Precomposition to organize your file
  • Exporting using Media Encorder

Lumion Interior Lighting

Sample Rhino File

Sample Lumion File

  • Organize your Rhino file by material layers
  • Save Rhino as Collada(.dae file)
  • Place object in Lumion
  • Assign Materials in Lumion
  • Place additional objects in Lumion
  • Render Settings


Desk Crit for Final Movie


Assignment 10

Final Movie draft 1


Assignment 10.1

Final Review Exhibition Design (Team)