Moving Images 2019 SP W09

Assignment 8.0 Group Work

The future video

Create a 2:00 max video of a future product

Assignment 9.0

Final Video idea.  Bring your final video idea for your previous or current project.  Describe what kind of video you want to produce for the final.

Lumion 9

Run Lumion 9

  • Open Tutorial Model: Fansworth House
  • Play with the interface
  • Placement
  • Materials
  • Landscape
  • Weather

Livesync with Rhino

Open Tutorial File Here

  • Make sure to assign unique material to a material group
  • Press Lumion Livesync button on rhino.  The movement will sync in Lumion
  • Setup The map
  • Placement of the bus stop
  • Setup Materials
  • Setup Trees
  • Setup Cars
  • Setup People
  • Animate Cars
  • Animate People
  • Setting up video
  • Special effects

All tutorials are covered in this tutorial series

Assignment 9.0

Render animation using Lumion for the exterior of your project.  Create an urban condition around the project and place urban elements.

60-second animation rendered and uploaded on Vimeo.

Assignment 9.1

Extremely detailed storyboards of your final movies