Moving Images 2019 SP W08

Post Midterm Discussion


Charette: Imaginary future product video

Group ABC

Analysis of Apple video:

  • Analyze these videos
  • Break them down into a storyboard
  • For each scene analyze what the scene is describing what aspect of the technology

7 Doraemon Gadgets We Wish Were Real

Creating story and storyboard

  • What is the technology
  • How is this going to change the world?
  • Shot list
  • Location
  • Cast
  • Props
  • Music

Storyboard Presentation


Go shoot the video on your phone


Assignment 8.0 Group Work

The future video

Create a 2:00 max video of a future product

Assignment 9.0

Final Video idea.  Bring your final video idea for your previous or current project.  Describe what kind of video you want to produce for the final.