Moving Images 2019 SP W04

Assignment 3.0

Create 2-minute lifestyle movie for DTLA.  Post the video on Vimeo.

Assignment 3.1

Create a storyboard (20 frames) for your first video package 2:30 long

Assignment 3.2

Start producing assets for your first video


Unreal Engine Cinematics

Download Rhino Demo File

  • Cinematic Viewport  / Split Viewport into 2 side by side Select Cinematic Viewport
  • Show Grid
  • Hide toolbars
  • Press G to hide icons
  • Add Level Sequence as “Master”
  • Dock Sequencer window to the bottom
  • Add Sub Sequence by ADD New / Animation / Level Sequence
  • Create new camera and set it as a current camera cut
  • Move timeline and camera “S” key for keyframe.
  • Create each scene control the length of the scene by dragging end point and length of the video
  • Layout shots inside of Master.
  • After finishing Master, Render video.

Assignment 4.0 Practice Cinematic for one project (Other than midterm)

Create a 1:30 animation for cinematic sequence using Unreal Engine with at least 5 camera shots

Assignment 4.1 Main Movie Draft 01

Create your first draft for the main movie in its entire length.